South America
Experience Tour

South America Experience Tours

Adventure & Nature Tour

The most exciting journey for adventure travellers in South America:

Patagonia - Argentina - Brazil - Chile - Bolivia - Peru - Uruguay

Travel experiences and trips.

An adventure trip like never before.

On the way, adventure camps expecting you.

A fascinating dream trip through the breathtaking landscapes of South America along the famous Ruta Panamericana, Ruta 40 and Ruta 7-Chile.

Discover the most beautiful parts of this world.

Adventure and Outdoor trip across Argentina to the "End of the World", Ushuaia.

Attractions, tours and trips to the famous Perito-Moreno-Glacier, Machu Picchu, Atacama desert, Salar de Uyuni, Lake Titicaca, Torres del Paine, Pantanal, Transpantaneira ...and much more.

A wide variety of natural attractions.

Discover the Route Transpantaneira (Jaguar Route) in Pantanal, Brazil.

Sealife and wildlife observation such as sea lion, elephant seal, orca, penguin, dolphin, giant whales, condor, lama, jaguar, aligator, parrot, monkey and more (Seasonal).

A wonderful journey and tour between people and nature.

Services included:

✓ Expedition vehicle including driver for the entire route.

✓ Bilingual Customer Support (English/Spanish).

✓ Overnight: tent, camping, hotel, eco lodge with breakfast.

✓ 1 x Meal.

✓ Drinks: water, coffee and tea on the way for free.

✓ 1 x free barbecue and wine party.

✓ Small group trips to 4-6 people.

... limited seats only

South America Experience Tour
Duration 30 days
USD 4.499.-
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(Offer for individual travellers or family group on request via contact form)